Building Showcase

Here is a selection of a few of the homes our clients have entrusted us to build and we have let them tell their story, in their own words, of the building experience.


We went into the home building process with a great deal of apprehension given so many friends and family members told us how trying the construction process can be. With that mindset, we anticipated frustration and several sleepless nights over our 10 month construction timeframe. Our experience with Randy could not have been further from this preconception.

When we decided we were ready to build on our family farm there was only one person we even considered to do the job.  Randy Summerlin has an excellent reputation, and our experience has exceeded that. 

The process of building a home, from the beginning of house plan design, to the official “it’s done” end can be a mind blowing and tedious process. We may be a little biased, but after spending several years in the building industry myself, and now building our second (and forever) home, we can honestly say that the process does not get any better than with Summerlin Builders.

Robin and I bought our lot and then struggled for a few years with house plans and the daunting task of "How do you pick a builder"?  I met with several contractors and didn’t have a good impression. The day I met Randy, I knew the builder question was answered. Shortly afterward, Randy recommended his architect and that solved our home plan issue.

The Johnson home was completeted in 2020 and has great curb appeal.  It uses various veneers such as stone, and various styles of vinyl siding. This home also has great interior details pertinent to today’s market.

We were first-time builders and not originally from the area, so we had a bit of a challenge to choose the right company to build our house. We knew friends that had built fairly recently, and spoke to them and quite a few others before we met with a builder. A few folks we asked didn’t act excited about the builders they chose. But the ones that had used Summerlin Builders without fail all had the same response.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for building our new home. From start to finish, the experience was a real pleasure. I had always heard that building a house could be a nightmare, but that was not our experience. We got off to a very slow start but that was due to an extremely wet winter, nothing Summerlin Builders had any control over. However, once the footing was dug it was “game on” from that point forward!

It was a wonderful experience working with Randy in building our home. He exceeded my wife and I’s expectations. From the design phase through the move-in, Randy and his team were there to answer any questions and provide insight into the status of the build.

Building a home for the first time is a process no one can completely prepare for.  Searching for the perfect house plan, making decisions on every aspect of the home and trying to stay within budget is nearly enough to push anyone away from attempting to make their dream come true. 

Building a new home can be very stressful with all the details involved.  When I decided to build,  I interviewed two other contractors before I made my decision.  When I met with Randy Summerlin, I knew he was being honest with me and had great suggestions. 

The only thing more difficult then deciding on a house plan, is deciding on the builder you will entrust with its construction.  After a lot of time and research we chose Summerlin Builders and we couldn't have made a smarter decision. It was hard to put into a few short sentences how great they have been and how happy we are.

My wife Darlene and I had always wanted to build a house in the country. In our 32 years of marriage, we have lived either in a subdivision or in town. Our children are grown and it was the perfect time to downsize. We wanted to sell our 2600 square foot home in town and build about a 1600-1700 square foot home in the country.

Our journey to build a new home began in February 2015. We wanted to build a home on family property located on Stevens Chapel Road in Smithfield, NC. My wife Renee grew up there and we both went to high school with Randy Summerlin. Renee’s family had watched Randy and his business grow from the beginning, so we decided to schedule an appointment to talk to him about building our home. 



For your custom homebuilding needs, quality upgrades or additions, consider Summerlin Builders.

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