Building a home for the first time is a process no one can completely prepare for.  Searching for the perfect house plan, making decisions on every aspect of the home and trying to stay within budget is nearly enough to push anyone away from attempting to make their dream come true. 

With this in mind, locating a contractor that exhibits integrity and professionalism requires more than a simple Google search.   

Working with both Randy and Joy made the process of building our dream home a more enjoyable experience.  Being novice to the building process, my wife and I completely depended on Summerlin Builders to oversee every decision we made along the way.  One thing we both worried about was the potential for sub-contractors to take advantage of our inexperience, attempting to increase the cost of their services beyond the going rate.   

Summerlin Builders immediately put us at ease by assuring their sub-contractors were some of the most honest around.  From the minute we broke ground, we were impressed with the work ethic displayed by each sub that took part in building our dream.  It was obvious during our interactions; the subs took pride in their work.  During the entire process, we were treated with the upmost respect, allowing our apprehension to diminish.   

Another aspect among many worth mentioning was the advice Randy offered along the way.  Never overbearing, Randy provided us direction based on many years of experience.  He assisted in ensuring we received the best possible prices while helping us avoid unnecessary waste.  From time to time, he would even bring us back to reality after we submitted an idea we found on Pinterest.  This was much appreciated!!   

Looking back, Summerlin Builders provided a service beyond what is expected from a general contractor.  They afforded us the ability to enjoy the building process.  We consider Randy and Joy a part of our family, as they had a lead role in making a house into our forever home.   

Thank you Summerlin Builders!!   






For your custom homebuilding needs, quality upgrades or additions, consider Summerlin Builders.

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