I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for building our new home. From start to finish, the experience was a real pleasure. I had always heard that building a house could be a nightmare, but that was not our experience. We got off to a very slow start but that was due to an extremely wet winter, nothing Summerlin Builders had any control over. However, once the footing was dug it was “game on” from that point forward!

Here’s our story:

My husband said "I want to build a house on the family farm in Princeton”.  My response, “are you crazy? I love our house in Pine Level”.  After much debate, he won and we called Randy! My first question to him was “do you build small houses; we only want 1200 square feet, and we have a very tight budget”. His response was I’ll build you anything you want and work as hard as I can to keep you within budget”.

From our first sit-down meeting with Randy until we received our occupancy certificate the process was seamless. Randy walked us through every step. At the onset he provided us with a detailed description of all the things we had asked for and their estimated costs so there would be no surprises.

We gave Randy quite the challenge with our budget. He made solid suggestions on how we could save, where to add, what to cut, but never once compromising the quality of the build. I was so impressed. We managed to stay within our budget thanks to his expertise and willingness to help us save all that we could. We now have a wonderful, solid, well built, beautiful “little house” for our retirement years!
I never realized how many decisions have to be made when you are building a house, and I called or emailed Randy almost every day with a question (or 20 questions). He never seemed to mind all the questions, he never treated me like I was dumb and he was always thoughtful and considerate. When changes or challenges arose, he handled them and always informed us up-front if additional charges would be incurred.

I am not sure how many sub-contracting crews worked on our house (I think 20 or more), but I know that every crew was professional, respectful and really good at their jobs. Obviously Summerlin Builders only hires the best! I spent a lot of time with these crews and I know I made some good friends along the way. What a bonus!

Obviously building a house is a big decision and an even bigger undertaking. Choosing the right contractor makes all the difference. We made a million decisions during this process, but the best one by far was choosing Summerlin Builders as our contractor.

I know Randy Summerlin is a man of integrity, but mostly I know he is a man of God and that makes all the difference.

I have said from the beginning that I would never build but one house in my life time, but if I find myself in the position that I need to do it again, my first call will be to Summerlin Builders!  I do not believe you could find a better contractor or man to work with. It was such a pleasure and privilege to work with Randy.


Mickey Martin




For your custom homebuilding needs, quality upgrades or additions, consider Summerlin Builders.

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