We were first-time builders and not originally from the area, so we had a bit of a challenge to choose the right company to build our house. We knew friends that had built fairly recently, and spoke to them and quite a few others before we met with a builder. A few folks we asked didn’t act excited about the builders they chose. But the ones that had used Summerlin Builders without fail all had the same response.

If they had to build another house, they’d want Summerlin to build again.

We were really impressed with the patience we were given when we had “crazy“ questions.  We’ve heard horror stories about how other builders treated people like they were annoying or taking personally the questions they were asking. Randy always guided us through very humbly and with reassurance. The communication was stellar. We were always aware of what was happening throughout the process and any text, call, or email was always answered promptly.  Any issues we had were dealt with quickly.  Anytime you build there are always issues that pop up that weren’t planned for.  Summerlin was excellent in handling any of those as well. We were pleased with the process all the way through. We were also told by a couple of the people that used Summerlin that if he had a suggestion during the process, that we’d regret it if we didn’t choose to go with it. They said “it may cost a little more, but he knows what he’s talking about”.  They were right. 

We are happy we chose Summerlin to build our house. We doubt we will ever do it again, but if we had to, Summerlin would be our choice. 

Danny Boone





For your custom homebuilding needs, quality upgrades or additions, consider Summerlin Builders.

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